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Leaders Beverage Education

We  have dedicated ourselves to beverage education and have been teaching all of our lives. We adore sharing what we have learned with others.  At Leaders Beverage our primary mission is to educate others all about beverages whether it be beer, wine, spirits, coffee, draft technology, sake, cocktails…well…you get the idea.

Some ideas for your beverage education interests or needs

Beer, Wine, & Spirit enthusiast and professional classes

Corporate education

Bar and restaurant staff and manager education in beer, wine, and spirits

Draft technology education

Fully packaged beverage educational classes or by custom design. We love working with you to make sure we focus our beverage education program for exactly what your team needs.

Our team travels to conduct educational training.


We also run tours.  We run a Hop Tour and Seminar, for example, every year to Gorst Valley Hops.  In this picture a group was learning about the drying of hops.  We’d love to work with you to do a custom tour.

beverage education hop tour





Do you have a question about beverage education?

In our goal to support and promote education and a raising of industry standards we proudly support the Cicerone Certification Program®, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual. We are not affiliated with any of these programs.