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Since the beginning of our business plannings, we recognized that proper draft installation and maintenance are crucial for any serious beer establishment. We know that the quality of beer we serve to our customers speaks on its own, so we needed a draft installation and maintenance company that would provide only the best for our long draw draft system. Their hard work, willingness to educate, and excellent customer service are what makes Drew Larson and the Leaders Beverage team the best in the industry! We are afraid to even think of where we’d be without LBC! – Julie & Patrick Bisch – The Open Bottle

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What to look for in your draft beer installation company

  • Are they beer and wine experts? It seems intuitive that someone designing and installing draft beer systems would know a lot about beer and wine and have a passion for the product.
  • Has the person performing service ever worked behind a bar or taken care of a keg cooler?
  • Do they have a good reputation in every aspect of their business?  Ask for references, but ask around to find your own references.  No company will hand you a reference that will be negative.
  • Are they responsive? Your draft beer or draft wine system takes a lot of learning and maintenance, you need a company that will be VERY responsive to your questions and needs.  Do they call, e-mail, and text you back quickly?
  • Does your draft beer or draft wine company seem engaged with you when talking to you? You don’t want to work with someone who constantly seems distracted like you are taking them away from something more important.
  • Is your draft installation company interested in consulting and teaching you about your system so you and your staff know how to care for it.
  • Look for a company that spends time with you designing a system that suits your needs, meets your objectives, and provide maximum profitability while still considering long-term maintenance ease. You should expect them to spend time with you explaining the need or lack of need for things like FOB’s, 1/4″ vs. 5/16″ trunk, the size of your glycol unit, do you need couplers, and so on.
  • Your estimate should be everything you need to go from zero to pouring beer.  ‘Things’ shouldn’t come up half way into a project that
  • How do you feel about your company? We think it is important to work with a company that will feel like part of your team. After all, your draft beer system is likely your biggest profit center!
  • Find a company that seems like they will stick around and take pride in their work.  Will they talk about your draft beer system, share it on social media, and be there for you no matter what?

What to expect from the Leaders Beverage team

  • Open and prompt communication. This is a fast pace business, you need answers as soon as you have questions.  We will return your calls, e-mails, and texts promptly.
  • Belief that every beer from your system has our name on it too. We are invested in your system pouring clean beer efficiently for maximum profit.
  • Conservation of resources. Every penny counts! We look for ways to conserve your resources, not spend them. We won’t sell you equipment you don’t need just because ‘that’s the way it has always been done’.
  • A complete estimate.  Nothing is more frustrating than finding out there are more things to buy or do after work has begun. We begin with a draught installation interview on site with you. This way we can ensure the estimate we provide you is complete from A to Z and won’t have hidden expenses later.
  • Your project is very important to you, your draft system should reflect that importance. We want to work with you to ensure you have the right system for your venue.  This means working closely with you to provide you with what you want, not what we want.  System design is important and we put a lot of emphasis on this.
  • We know beer, we know wine, we know spirits, we know food, and we have run keg coolers. Our design will be thoughtful. Expect us to talk your ear off about what we are doing; unless you ask us not to.
  • You can expect that when you work with Leaders Beverage on your Chicago draft beer installation that we will be on your team.  You may always contact us for help.
  • System set up.  We stand by our work.  Every system has a break in period and we are there for you during this time.  We’ll pop in and handle little issues to get your system settled in.  You can expect that we aren’t going to charge for this because we see it as part of the install or project and it is all part of having us on your team.
  • We are not simply draft techs doing a job.  We absolutely love draft, its components, the physics, and the product.  We are passionate about this business and want every system we design and install to reflect this.  If it is our system than every pint has our name on it and we are going to treat the project that way.
  • You can ask us for references, in fact we’ll offer references.  We are positive that you can talk to ANYONE we have worked with and get a positive review.

From draft design to draft installation

A major mistake we often see in Chicago draft beer installation’s is the skipping of the design step. Just the difference between 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch trunk line could save you $1000’s of dollars a year. Not every system needs FOB’s. Never use opaque gas line. Will the system fit the venue and staff for efficiency? Designing your system with its maintenance in mind can save you even more in labor hours every single week.  We urge you not to skip this vital step! Find a company that seems as interested in designing your perfect draft beer system as contracting the job itself.

One of our recent Chicago land specialty draft installation projects.

Are you having a draft beer or draft wine emergency?  Give us a call, maybe we can get you through it on the phone, via text, or e-mail. Or just shoot us your question below.

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In our goal to support and promote education and a raising of industry standards we proudly support the Cicerone Certification Program®, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual. We are not affiliated with any of these programs.