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Draft Beer Tap Line Cleaning & Maintenance

We are not simply beer line cleaners. We are draft system managers. This means we monitor, maintain, and actively engage in the management of your draft system. We do this to improve your revenue through reduced waste and increased quality. Our name goes on EVERY beer you sell which means your success is our success.

Michigan has no laws about the cleanliness of draft beer lines. Crazy right?! This means it is up to you to promote quality through proper maintenance. Investing in proper maintenance and management of your draft system will improve revenue. Believe it or not, the percentage of patrons with a complaint that tell you is very small. They just order less, order bottles, or go elsewhere.

Our goal is to increase the revenue of our partners by reducing waste, improving flavor, and staff education. Every patron deserves to taste the beer the way the brewer intends it and that CAN NOT happen when you aren’t cleaning your draft system every two weeks.

Be better than everyone else!!

Click LBC Draft Beer Maintenance Plan to see an example of our standard services plan.

Check out these two YouTube videos to see what we mean by best practices only
How to clean a draft beer system
Draft Cleaning Snap Shot

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only use Micro Matic cleaning chemicals. This isn’t the cheapest chemical, but it is the absolute best and that is what our client-partners deserve!

Michigan systems under our care

Railtown-Brewing-Leaders-Beverage-Michigan-clean-beer-lines Railtown Brewing Company, Dutton


speakez-lounge-leaders-beverage-clean-beer-lines-michigan SpeakEZ Lounge, Grand Rapids


city-built-brewing-leaders-beverage-draft-beer-installation City Built Brewing Co., Grand Rapids
(A current Leaders Beverage project)

Riverside-Liquors-and-lounge-Leaders-Beverage-Michigan-Clean-Beer-Lines Riverside Liquors & Lounge, Grand Rapids
(A current Leaders Beverage project)

Handsome-Henry's-Leaders-Beverage-Michigan-Clean-Beer-Lines Handsom Henry’s, Muskegon


curragh-leaders-beverage-michigan-beer-line-cleaning Curragh Irish Pub, Holland


giordanos-holland-clean-beer-lines Giordano’s Pizza, Holland


We are in Michigan to help improve the level of draft beer cleaning and maintenance quality. Through this goal we will also help contribute to the growth of our glorious food and beverage industry. Give us a call if you have questions, we love answering questions.

Finding this decal in the window of the bar or restaurant you are walking into means you are drinking from one of the most well maintained Draft Beer Line systems in Michigan.

Certified Clean Beer Lines

Hopleaf certified clean

Michael & Louise’s Hopleaf Bar

Blokes and Birds

Blokes & Birds


Certified Clean Beer Lines

AJ Hudson’s






In our goal to support and promote education and a raising of industry standards we proudly support the Cicerone Certification Program®, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual. We are not affiliated with any of these programs.