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Leaders Beverage is amazing at what they do- extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Drew goes above and beyond. His communication is excellent and prompt. He will document his work and keep me updated throughout with videos and photos that he would text me. Awesome touch! Leaders Beverage is an integral part of what we do, and we are beyond happy that they are on our team. -Pan Hompluem, Low Country

We do things differently than most draft companies. We only take on as many maintenance accounts as we believe we can provide superior and elite service to. We are not simply a beer line cleaning company, we are a draft technology company. As such, every beer coming from a system that we maintain has our name on it. Our team members are all beer forward folks that love this industry and love draft technology. Most of the team are even Certified Cicerones®. This means we have actually worked in and managed beer coolers for bars and restaurants.

We do not do the standard ‘per beer line’ costing. We provide you with a quote for what it will take to provide our package of services for one year then prorate that cost monthly. When we manage a system we don’t just clean it, we manage it! You can see our small cadre of regular maintenance accounts on the Certified-Clean page.

Sample LBC Services Agreement

A short video on our YouTube channel of best practices

Chicago draft maintenance considerations

Are your draft beer line cleaners cleaning and sterilizing your couplers every two weeks?  Are they removing and cleaning your faucets every two weeks?  Are they using acid at least every 90 days in ADDITION to the regular caustic line cleaning?  Are they using circulation and NOT static line cleaning?  Are they measuring their caustic solution percentage, temperature of solution, and flow rate?

The above are all industry best practices and will increase your sales through better beer and less waste. We are beer experts on top of draft technicians. It is expensive to have a maintenance company like us do that every two weeks.  We offer quarterly draft beer and draft wine deep cleaning appointments.  These quarterly cleanings supplement your regular 2 week cleaning cycle.  This deep draft beer and draft wine cleaning once a quarter will help take your system from a few years of good service to more than a decade.



Quarterly deep cleaning service includes:

– Deep, circulation, caustic line cleaning
– Deep, circulation, acid line cleaning
– Cleaning and sanitizing of couplers
– Removal, disassembly, and cleaning of all faucets
– Cleaning exposed trunk beer line inside the cooler
– Check in on general health of beer cooler
– Address system balance or other issues you are having

Don’t forget the beer and gas line jumpers!

We often see beer and gas jumpers that are as old as the beer line in the trunk. The jumpers are what take the beer from the coupler (tap) to the wall bracket that leads to the beer trunk. Replacement of the jumpers every 18 months, give or take a few, is crucial to superior beer quality. They are flexible and porous and soak up colors and flavors and will diminish the quality of your beer if they are not changed.  It is time to change your jumpers if they look like this.

These are very well cared for lines at 20 months.  Which would your patrons prefer their beer come from?

Chicago Draft Beer Installation
We are a Chicago draft beer Installation and draft wine company. We also do a lot of specialty work. We are Chicagolands only draft company set up to handle jobs like this (below).  We consult in beer, wine, and spirits which makes us a one stop shop just like we are for Red Frog events and the American Beer Classic.


Are you having a draft beer or draft wine emergency?  Give us a call, maybe we can get you through it on the phone, via text, or e-mail. Or just shoot us your inquiries below.

Check out our YouTube page where we offer draft beer and draft wine educational videos.
Chicago draft beer installation, wine on draft, and maintenance.

In our goal to support and promote education and a raising of industry standards we proudly support the Cicerone Certification Program®, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual. We are not affiliated with any of these programs.