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Enjoying Sake

Sake and EdemameIn food and beverage pairing there is a basic tenant that says a regions cuisine is probably good with the regions beverage.  This makes sense because over the ages the two are developed side by side.  When I was studying wine I was once told that Sake and Sushi was a seemingly obvious pairing that just didn’t work.  I have to beg to differ on this one.  I think Sake and Sushi are like peas and carrots.  The key is to ask your server or Sake expert for advice on the list to pair with your Sushi choices.  I can tell you that wine goes with steak but the next question is which wine?  Sauvignon Blanc probably isn’t what I meant by wine and steak!  Well, it is the same thing with Sake.  There are dry Sake’s and sweet Sake’s and unfiltered cloudy Sake’s.  Here is a very quick run down of some terms to look out for.  Nigori means unfiltered, this will be a full bodied milky-cloudy Sake.  Junmai is non fortified Sake whereas if you see the term Honjozo it has been fortified with additional alcohol.  From there the terms relate to the amount of rice hull that has been polished away before being used; the more the better.  Junmai-shu is at the bottom of the stack, then Junmai-Ginjo, then Junmai-Daiginjo in order of the amount of rice polished away.  Again, the more rice polished away the higher the quality.  Experiment way and don’t be afraid to ask your server.

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