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Hop Candy

See ALL of the flavors of Hop Candy available from B Hoppy. This is candy for the adult palate and at $4.89 a 4oz pack the best price online too!

This is a great story. Yes, we said story in talking about Hop Candy. It would seem that these hop candies are really meant for adult tastes. There is absolutely no alcohol in them, but most kids we’ve come across aren’t ready for the flavors of hops in the hop candy. Remember, even humanity didn’t like the flavor of hops in their beer until a few hundred years ago. Jordan’s little boy tried sneaking a piece from Drew’s coffee table only to find he wasn’t ready for the flavors of hops. He came walking up to Jordan with the candy in his hand and a horrified look on his face. “This isn’t good,” the four year-old told Jordan. It was absolutely precious. We all politely disagree with his statement though as we love the stuff. For now it just means more Hop Candy for us adults.

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