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28QT Single Faucet Jockey Box

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28QT Single Faucet Jockey Box


Single faucet jockey box with a 50 Ft Stainless Steel Coil in a 28qt cooler. Stainless Steel coils are the best way to pour beer through a jockey box.

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This is a 50 foot Stainless Steel coil, 28qt, Single Faucet Jockey Box

Stainless Steel coils are far superior to chill plates which is why we only carry coil jockey boxes.

With this 50 foot coil jockey box you will want to keep the keg in an ice bath of its own.

Notes for your 28qt single faucet jockey box

-Fill the jockey box with ice then with water so it is in an ice bath.  Fill the coil lines with beer before you add the water so there is alcohol in the lines to keep the freezing water from freezing the coil lines.

-Set your primary regulator to about 22lbs of pressure. Ultimately, you want to set the pressure to what makes the beer pour at a good flow rate.  When you are finished pouring the beer make sure you bleed off the excess head pressure from the keg. You are doing this because 22lbs of 100% Co2 is to much for a standard beer.  Its OK to pour for a while at this pressure but you don’t want it to sit at this pressure for days.  If you aren’t sure of what we mean just shoot us a note and we’ll walk you through it.

-You still need, a coupler, regulator, Co2 tank, gas line, and beer jumper in order to use the jockey box.

Here is a video of a major jockey box cleaning we do a few times a year.

We are a Chicago draft beer cleaning, maintenance, and installation company. See more of our YouTube videos here.


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