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304 Stainless Beer Shanks

304 Stainless Beer Shanks


304 Stainless Steel Beer Shanks from 2 1/8th to 8 1/8th inches.  Stainless Steel is the best material for beer and the longevity of your equipment.  304 is a higher grade stainless and required for wine making this the shank you need for wine applications. 1/4 inch I.D. Bore.

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Wine and Beer Shanks – 304 Stainless Steel

We only sell beer shanks made from all stainless steel.  Chrome plated brass shanks are much cheaper but also inferior.  Chrome will chip off and dissolve under the acid of beer and wine.  This chipping away of the chrome on the beer shank will disrupt the smooth flow of beer. This will lead to foamy beer and the exposure of brass to the beer which isn’t good for flavor.  If we wouldn’t build our own bar with something than we just don’t feel right selling it to you.

Beer Shank Specifications
Type: Used for dispensing Wine / Cider / Beer
Bore I.D: 1/4″
Thread: 7/8″-14 (5/8″ BSP)
Material: 304 stainless steel shank

Wine and Beer Shank Dimensions

2 inch beer shanks






3 inch shank






4 inch shank





6 inch shank





8 inch beer shank





We are a Chicago Draft Beer Installation company, we don’t just have an online shop we use these supplies everyday.  Check out our YouTube channel for more on faucet maintenance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these beer shanks.

Beer Shank Parts

Click any of the links below to navigate directly to the wine and beer shank replacement part.

1. Shank Lock Nut – 1-3/16″

2. Wall Flange – Black Plastic

2(a). Wall Flange – Stainless Steel

3. Coupling Nut – Chrome

3(a). Coupling Nut – Brass

4. Sleeve

5. Shank Snap Ring


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