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2QT Beer Line Cleaning Kit

2QT Beer Line Cleaning Kit


2 quart beer line cleaning kit includes 16oz Clean Flo container, a faucet wrench, and cleaning brush. A great beer line cleaning kit for kegerators.

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Beer Line Cleaning Kit – 2QT

beer line cleaning kit is used to clean your lines every two weeks for absolute best practices. In some states this actually a legal requirement for bars and restaurants with draft systems.  With this beer line cleaning kit there will be no reason that your kegerator or draft system isn’t just as clean.  The brewers association publishes the best practices in beer line cleaning and maintenance.  There is a lot of information in their Draft Beer Quality Manual but it can answer a lot of questions no matter what your system looks like.

2 Qt Beer Line Cleaning Kit Includes:

-A 16oz tub of Clean Flo cleaning powder

-A faucet and coupler nylon cleaning brush

-A 2Qt container and pump

-A faucet spanner wrench, for removing beer and wine faucets

Why a beer line cleaning kit?

Using alkaline, or caustic, beer line cleaners kills bacteria and other living organisms.  These bacterium and yeasts can grow enough in two weeks to be noticeable.  By waiting months there could be enough bacteria and other living organisms to seriously affect the taste of your beer, wine, cider, or other product.  In the commercial world draft systems are also cleaned with acid every 90 days to remove beer stone. If you have a system with permanent beer line you may want to consider this.  Otherwise, just change your poly vinyl product lines every once in a while.

2 weeks may seem like a lot for home use.  At the very least clean your beer lines every time you change products or kegs.  Cleaning your kegerator includes cleaning your beer faucets and couplers.  Here is a video for cleaning a beer faucet. Here is a video for cleaning a beer keg coupler.

You may click here for beer line Cleaning kit Instructions


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