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Beer Line Cleaning Sampler Kit

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Beer Line Cleaning Sampler Kit


Beer Line Cleaning Kit

This beer line cleaning kit is a great way to sample both Star San and PBW if you have never used them before.  If you know someone who is taking up home brewing this beer line cleaning kit will also make a fantastic gift.

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Beer Line Cleaning Sampler Kit by Five Star Chemicals

This beer line cleaning kit is a sampler of some of Five Star Chemicals best products.  This beer line cleaning kit is a great way to sample both Star San and PBW if you have never used them before.  If you know someone who is taking up home brewing this beer line cleaning kit will also make a fantastic gift.

Beer Line Cleaning Kit includes

1. Instructions for beer line cleaning

2. 1 X 8 oz container of Star San

3. 8 X 2oz PBW packets

About the Star San in this beer line cleaning kit

Star San is a self-foaming detergent that does not require rinsing after use.  It foams up very easily and its foam sanitizes items too. Cleaning with Star San on a daily basis will leave equipment in an acid condition that will eliminate water spotting, mineral build-up, and corrosion. It is not recommended to use Star San on soft metals because of the acid nature of this product.

Star San is an acid based beer line cleaner used widely in home brewing.  We also use Star San at bars and restaurants we do beer line cleaning with to sanitize couplers and faucets over night.  Drew will tell you that his own home-brew improved 100 fold when he started using Star San back in 2000.  Star San is a no rinse sanitizer which means you mix up a batch, use it to sanitize your equipment, and let it air dry.  Approved by the USDA, Star San is a food grade sanitizer.

About the PBW in this beer line cleaning kit

PBW is an incredible alkaline based cleaner used in beer line cleaning and equipment cleaning.  Mix up a solution of PBW and allow your brewery equipment to soak.  Allowing your PBW solution to soak overnight will make the built up organic grime on your equipment nearly wipe away without any scrubbing.

Drew started using PBW almost 15 years ago with his beer line cleaning regimen and has never turned back.  Mix up between 3/4 and 2 oz per gallon depending on the strength you need for your beer line cleaning and equipment cleaning.  Mix the solution right up in your fermenter or brew kettle and let it sit overnight.  This amazing cleaner will dissolve the biological build ups on your equipment requiring virtually no scrubbing.  As a matter of fact, Drew will tell you that when he is soaking his kettle he’ll often put a pot or pan that has baked on grime he can’t get off.

Here is a forum string about PBW

Five Star Chemical’s Rules for cleaning and sanitization

1. You can only sanitize clean equipment.

2. Dirty equipment will always contain bacteria.

3. Cleaners ARE NOT sanitizers. Whether alkali or acid, cleaners should not be used as the final procedure.

4. Sanitizers ARE NOT cleaners. Sanitizing is the final procedure after cleaning or on clean equipment just prior to brewing.

5. Cleaning and sanitizing can be improved by time and temperature. Allowing longer contact time and/or increasing the temperature of solutions will improve the results.

6. Do not overuse chemicals. “More is not better”. It normally requires more water and/or higher temperatures to rinse, and may leave an unwanted residue or just cake on to the equipment.

7. Follow the directions of any chemical you use.

8. Cleaners and sanitizers must come in contact with 100% of the soils. This means that all blind areas, such as man-way lips or racking arms, must be hand cleaned and sanitized.  Use of spray balls can be very effective.

9. Never add water to chemicals.  Always blend beer line cleaning chemicals into water.


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