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3/8 I.D. Braided Gas Line

3/8 I.D. Braided Gas Line


3/8th I.D. high-pressure, braided gas line.

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Braided Gas Line

Standard, red translucent, gas line is only rated up to 55lbs per square inch and is meant only to be a jumper gas line from the secondary regulator to the beer coupler. This is hight pressure braided gas line meant for carrying gas from primary regulators to secondary regulators, or between secondary regulators.


Clamps 17.0 stainless stepless clamp
Tail Piece 3/8″ Stainless Tail Piece
Color Clear
I.D. 3/8″
O.D. 5/8″
Length  per foot or 10ft sections (e-mail for bulk)
Restriction Value 0.20 Lbs. per Foot
Max Pressure 265 P.S.I.

If you would like to learn more about draft technology check out our YouTube Channel, we love getting suggestions for new videos. We don’t just have a small online shop. We use these materials every day in our Chicago beer line installation, cleaning, and maintenance shop and our Grand Rapids, Michigan beer line installation, cleaning, and maintenance shops.


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