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Calypso Hop Candy

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Calypso Hop Candy


Sadly the Calypso is being discontinued. What we have in stock is the last of what we have or can get.

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Calypso Hop Candy, by B Hoppy

Calypso (here is more info, pg 13) is a new high alpha-acid hop that is often considered a dual use hop, meaning it can be used for bittering or aroma hop additions in making beer.  Calypso is characterized by a pleasantly complex and fruity citrus aroma with hints of pear, apple, and sweet lemon lime along with notes of earthy tea.  Calypso can is typically used in pale ales, IPAs, and stouts and for sure makes for delicious hard Hop Candy!

Some notable beers made with Calypso Hops include:
-Hopped on the High Seas by Cigar City Brewing
-Rebellion IPA by Bear Republic Brewing
-Calypso’s Song by Begyle
-Roaring Lion Calypso IPA by Cigar City Brewing
-Calypso Red Ale by Rock Bottom Brewery

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This 4oz bag contains about 21 pieces of hard Calypso Hop Candy.  The hop candies are made in a facility where milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs are used.  Some incidental cross contact may occur.  There is a picture of the ingredients and warnings here, but please feel free to contact us if you have a question.


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