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KeyKeg Coupler

KeyKeg Coupler


KeyKeg coupler made by, and imported directly from, Key Keg. We have found older versions of KeyKeg couplers made by other companies may not work well. This KeyKeg coupler has a stainless steel probe.

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KeyKeg Coupler with Stainless Steel Probe

These couplers are often confused with the European G style coupler. G style couplers are used for beers like Anchor, Boddington’s, or Caffrey’s. Both the KeyKeg Coupler and the G style coupler look the same from the exterior.  The key to look for is whether the probe extends out past the base of the underside of the coupler.



Notice the extension of the probe out of the bottom.  The other way to tell is that a real KeyKeg coupler says KeyKeg on the handle.  A few other companies have tried to make this coupler in the after market.  Those versions never quite fit well.





Wrong Coupler

Wrong Coupler

In this picture you can see that the coupler doesn’t have the probe that extends out. This is a G style coupler that someone attempted to use on a KeyKeg. You must have a KeyKeg coupler in order to tap a KeyKeg.




Using and trouble shooting a KeyKeg Coupler

KeyKeg collars are very delicate. The collar is the part that the KeyKeg coupler actually holds on to.  If the plastic collar gets cracked in any way gas can leak.  If gas is leaking your beer won’t pour properly.  When taping a KeyKeg be gentle.  If you feel like it needs forcing something is wrong.  Once the KeyKeg coupler is in place it should only need a quarter of a turn.  Once the KeyKeg coupler is in place you can push the handle down to engage it.  If there is a small crack you think is causing a problem you can try using food grade keg lube.

When your KeyKeg is empty you have to let the gas pressure out.  We send you an entire KeyKeg coupler starter kit.  There is a picture of the components above. We send you instructions for using the KeyKeg coupler. We also send you a pressure release valve; the small red disc.  Once the KeyKeg is empty of beer or wine you put the red disk on top of the collar and turn it. When you do this it will release all the gas inside the KeyKeg.  Now you can cut the plastic, crush it down, and recycle it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about KeyKeg Couplers.

Here is a link to a basic video on coupling a keg. Coupling a keg 

Here is a link to the KeyKeg YouTube channel.  This may help show you more about KeyKegs.  We will be producing our own KeyKeg coupler videos soon as well.

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