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Neoprene Coupling Washer

Neoprene Coupling Washer


Neoprene Coupling Washer for sealing the metal tailpieces inside of hex nuts. A hex nut will not make a seal without this washer.

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Neoprene Coupling Washer

This washer/seal is needed between hex nuts and whatever the hex nut is attaching to.  If you are missing this, for example, on the beer side of a coupler you will have a beer leak no matter how tight you make it. This washer/seal is specifically made to fit the standard hex nut.

We are a Chicago Draft Beer Installation company, we don’t just have an online shop we use these supplies everyday. Check out our YouTube channel for more on draft maintenance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this or any other part we carry. We want to help you get your order right the first time and to keep your project underway.


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