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Nitro Beer Faucet, Stainless Steel

Nitro Beer Faucet, Stainless Steel


303 Stainless Steel Nitro beer faucet for Nitrogenated beers. This Nitro Beer Faucet is for beers like Guinness that have the thick creamy foam head and cascade. Stainless steel is the very best material to contact with your beer with a Nitro Beer Faucet.

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Stainless Steel Nitro Beer Faucet

The nitro beer faucet is often called a stout faucet because they are famous for pouring Guinness stout. Find replacement parts here or through the parts tab above.

Nitro Beer Faucets are specially designed to pour nitrogenated beers.  Nitrogenated beers are beers primarily carbonated with N2 (nitrogen). When you see something like 75/25 this is what it is referring to.  75% nitrogen and 25% carbon dioxide (CO2).

Nitrogen is actually rather difficult to dissolve into beer.  However, once it dissolves into beer is very hard to get out of beer.

In order to pull the N2 out of solution the beer must go through the restrictor plate in the nozzle of the nitro beer faucet at a relatively high pressure. Relatively high in comparison to a normal Co2 beer faucet.

After the beer goes through the restrictor plate it flows over a beer flow straightener.  We know, that is a very technical and fancy name. The beer flow straightener re-converges the beer into a perfect stream.

Nitro beer faucet restrictor plate

Nitro beer faucet restrictor plate

nitro beer faucet flow straightener

nitro beer faucet flow straightener






This is a short video showing you what it may look like if you don’t have one or both of these pieces in place.

For more of our videos check out our YouTube Channel.

If you need replacement parts for your nitro beer faucet let us know.  We have many parts that are not online yet. Click here to see all of our beer faucets.

Click the links below to navigate directly to the Nitro Beer Faucet Replacement Part.
-These faucets are often called Stout Faucets or Guinness faucets. They are all the same faucet.
Nitro Beer Faucet Replacement Parts1. Threaded Rod ‎
2. Knurled Nut – Chrome Finish
2(a). Knurled Nut – Brass Finish
3. Cam – Chrome Finish
3(a). Cam – Brass Finish
4. Roll Pin
5. Bonnet
6. Cushion
7. Top Cap – Chrome Finish
7(a). Top Cap – Brass Finish
8. Locator
9. Spring
10. Spindle Assembly
11. Collar
12. diaphragm
13. Faucet Coupling Washer
14. O-ring
15. Restrictor Plate (Disc)
16. Flow Straightener
17. Restrictor, O-ring, & Straightener kit
18. Spout – This is the nozzle only
19. Spout – This is the complete nozzle with all parts ready to go

This video will show you the break down of a Nitro faucet while also showing best practices in keeping it clean.


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