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pH Paper

pH Paper


Jumbo pH Paper with a range from 0-13. This roll is 600 inches (50 feet) and 1/2 inch wide for easy reading.

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Jumbo pH Paper by Hydrion

Use pH paper during draft line cleaning to test the pH of flush water.  Cleaning chemicals are dangerous so it is important to rinse all chemical out of the lines. Use the pH paper to take a sample of water coming out of the rinse line to make sure the water is back to a neutral pH of 7.

This jumbo roll of pH paper is 1/2 inch wide making it very easy to read and work with.  600 inches of pH tape should allow for about 150 tests.

Interested in learning more about draft cleaning, watch the video below.

We are a Chicago draft beer line cleaning and beer installation company. Interested in more of our videos, check out our YouTube channel.


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