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Saniclean Low Foam

Saniclean Low Foam



Saniclean is an acid based cleaner used widely in home brewing and commercial use.  Saniclean can almost be thought of like a low foaming version of Star San.  Saniclean is a no rinse sanitizer (used below 200 ppm) which means you mix up a batch, use it to sanitize your equipment, and let it air dry.  Approved by the USDA, Star San is a food grade sanitizer.


Saniclean – No rinse, USDA food grade, acid based sanitizer.

Saniclean is a blend of phosphoric acid and Sulfonate Oleic Acid. Besides being a mouth full, it is probably more than most folks need to know. Together, the two provide a unique system that is unaffected by excessive organic soils. Saniclean is low foaming. It is often referred to as a low foaming version of Star San. Unlike other acid anionic detergents, Saniclean will not produce excessive foam when recirculating through CIP systems.  This makes it a great cleaner for commercial brewery operations. Cleaning with Saniclean on a daily basis will leave equipment in an acid condition that will eliminate water spotting, mineral build-up, and corrosion. It is also excellent for parts soaking. If kept at a pH of 3 or below Saniclean will remain effective for a week at a time. However, it is not recommended to use Saniclean on soft metals because of the acid nature of this product. Saniclean doesn’t work as quickly as Star San but it is well known as an odor and flavor remover.  Also, with its low foaming property this is a perfect choice when using a pump.

How to use Saniclean

1. There are two caps, remove the cap on the side with the measurements.

2. Measure 2 oz’s of Saniclean for every 4 gallons of cool water.

3. Sanitize through immersion for at least 5 minutes.

4. Reassemble parts and allow to dry.  If your solution ever went over 200ppm use a potable water rinse.

5. For more thorough instructions on Saniclean check the product photo included on this page or click on the link to the 5 Star Chemicals Product Sheet.

5 Star Chemical Rules for cleaning and sanitization

1. You can only sanitize clean equipment.

2. Dirty equipment will always contain bacteria.

3. Cleaners ARE NOT sanitizers. Whether alkali or acid, cleaners should not be used as the final procedure.

4. Sanitizers ARE NOT cleaners. Sanitizing is the final procedure after cleaning or on clean equipment just prior to brewing.

5. Cleaning and sanitizing can be improved by time and temperature. Allowing longer contact time and/or increasing the temperature of solutions will improve the results.

6. Do not overuse chemicals. “More is not better”. It normally requires more water and/or higher temperatures to rinse, and may leave an unwanted residue or just cake on to the equipment.

7. Follow the directions of any chemical you use.

8. Cleaners and sanitizers must come in contact with 100% of the soils. This means that all blind areas, such as man-way lips or racking arms, must be hand cleaned and sanitized.  Use of spray balls can be very effective. 9. Never add water to chemicals.  Always blend saniclean into water.


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