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Star San Sanitizer

Star San Sanitizer


Star San

Star San is an acid based cleaner used widely in home brewing.  We also use Star San at bars and restaurants we work with to sanitize couplers and faucets over night.  Drew will tell you that his own home-brew improved 100 fold when he started using Star San back in 2000.  Star San is a no rinse sanitizer which means you mix up a batch, use it to sanitize your equipment, and let it air dry.  Approved by the USDA, Star San is a food grade sanitizer.


Star San – No rinse, USDA food grade, acid based sanitizer.

Star San is a blend of phosphoric acid and dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid. Yes, that last one was a mouth full. This blend provides a unique synergistic effect that is not affected by excessive organic soils. Star San is also a self-foaming detergent.  It foams up very easily and its foam sanitizes items too. Cleaning with Star San on a daily basis will leave equipment in an acid condition that will eliminate water spotting, mineral build-up, and corrosion. It is not recommended to use Star San on soft metals because of the acid nature of this product.

How to use Star San

1. There are two caps, remove the cap on the side with the measurements.

2. Measure 1 oz of Star San for every 5 gallons of water.

3. Mix with cool water. Note: if you want a foamy solution then fill the container with water after adding Star San.  If you would prefer a non foamy solution then add the Star San after filling your container with water.

4. Sanitize through immersion or by application with a sponge, rag, or mist.

5. Allow to air dry and do not rinse, the surface should remain wet for at least one minute. Applying the foam to a surface will also have a sanitizing effect.

6. For more thorough instructions check the product photo included on this page or click on the link to the 5 Star Chemicals Star San Product Sheet.

Great home-brew uses for Star San

1. Sanitize your carboys for home-brew use. Fill the carboy with sanitizing solution then dump solution into a bucket.  Let the carboy drain upside down until needed.

2. Lesson Learned. Star San is slippery, if you sanitize your rubber airlock with it the rubber stopper won’t stay put in a glass carboy top.  Try using bleach for this application.

3. You now have a bucket full of Star San.  Sanitize all of your equipment and hoses that you will use during brewing.

4. Fill a squirt bottle with the solution and use this to spray on surfaces that will be near your brew or contact your equipment.

5. Pour your Star San solution down the sink drains when you’re done for a quick sanitation of your sink drains.  Pour your excess down you’re bathtub drain for a quick sanitation of your tub and tub drain.  You get the idea.

Great commercial uses for Star San

Drew Larson uses this product at bars and restaurants whose draft systems Leaders Beverage maintains.

1. Make a squirt bottle of Star San solution and squirt up draft faucets at the end of every night.  Faucets should still be removed and cleaned every two weeks.  However, squirting it into the faucet every night at closing will help pull out sitting beer and then create a more sanitary environment over night.  This can greatly increase the health of draft system and cut down on fruit flies in the summer.

2. Couplers need a brush cleaning every two weeks, but only require removal and disassembly for cleaning every 90 days.  Make a bucket of Star San when cleaning the draft system and dunk the couplers in it then brush clean.  This takes only 1/2 to 1 oz of Star San every two weeks but will greatly improve the health of your draft system.


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