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Real Men Drink Cider

Cider RevolutionEver since I started drinking alcoholic beverages I’ve had a special affinity for cider.  For as much as I love beer I didn’t grow up eating barley, but I did grow up eating apples.  Now there is this wonderful product that seems was made just for me as an adult from the thing I coveted as a child.  For several years now there have been more and more ciders on the market.  For the last two or three years I haven’t walked into a liquor shop where there weren’t two new brands of Cider.  What a gracious world that there are so many cider makers and apple farmers to do this for me.  We are coming to a place now where everyone is realizing what cider are again.  This years cider conference in Chicago was an all out cider fest with people standing out side wanting to buy scalped tickets.  At the Hopleaf, where I was the Beverage Director(2012-2013), we even dedicated 4 lines to cider, mead (fermented honey), and perry (alcoholic pear juice).  I should also point out that we are blowing through it at an impressive pace.  Let me point out very quickly that ‘Cider’ is the term for alcoholic apple juice.  In America we turned the term cider into something that meant just juice; another thing prohibition screwed up.   Sweet, dry, imperial, funky, you name it and there is a style of cider that will meet your fancy.  Moreover, and consider this, most of our revolutionary fighters were enjoying pints of cider after battle, not beer.  That is right, real men drink cider!

-Drew D. Larson


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