"Our Passion is Your Next Drink"


Steve Gonabe

Steve GonabeSteve Gonabe – Draught Technologist

Started with Leaders Beverage part-time while managing the Waterfront Cafe, a seasonal destination spot on Lake Michigan. He is an alumnus of Kendall College and has cooked for Hopleaf, Whole Foods, and several restaurants on the West Coast. Steve is detail oriented and quality minded which is part of why he has made such a natural addition to the Leaders Beverage team.

In addition to working in restaurants and breweries, Steve also plays acoustic bass for the three-headed hell-hound known as Realife Dinosaurs and acts professionally through a talent agency in downtown Chicago. He spends his free time, adventuring and lounging around with his wife and cat, as well as smoking fine meats in the quaint solitude of his backyard. Ask Steve about naked steaks the next time you see him.

If you’d ever like to buy him a beer, he is an astute fan of craft lagers and sours. Or whatever is easy drinking (poundable). Here’s to the next round!

You can find more proof of Steve Gonabe’s existence on his Steve’s Facebook Page.