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Wes Brown

 Wes Brown Leaders BeverageWes Brown – Manager & Technologist

is the Leaders Beverage enigma. He joined the LBC team after a year and half working as a draft tech in Tennessee.  With a degree in cultural studies he appeared out of the shadows on the warehouse doorstep one day. Wes very quickly became one of the Leaders integral members without whom the team would suffer catastrophic failures. When the team is having a post work day, live market quality control, beer he is in the cooler adjusting something. His eye is keenly sighted on details and quality. He says he was in Tennessee and used to live in Chicago but all of our records searches suggest he doesn’t actually exist. For that reason we have chosen to document Wes’s work with LBC through photos; mostly he is drinking Underbergs or sleeping – but that is because the rest of time he is working, brewing beer, or keeping the team squared away.

Wes Brown Asleep

Catching a nap during a 14 hour Jockey Box maintenance day following the American Beer Classic

wes brown underberg

Always accepting a round of Underbergs


wes brown underberg

Usually the first to suggest around of Underbergs

Wes Brown Maple Tree In

Wes loves furry creatures – Maple Tree Inn company party







Further proof of Wes Brown’s existence can be seen here on his Facebook Page

If you spot Wes, send us a picture for upload.