"Our Passion is Your Next Drink"


“Hopleaf uses the talents of the best beer system maintenance professionals in the business, Leaders Beverage. Beer ( and draft wine and cider ) drinkers can be confident that the only thing they are tasting is what the maker intended.”

“We can always be proud of what we serve on draft knowing that our system is maintained by the best in the business.”

Our draft beer maintenance company, Leaders Beverage, is the best in the business. When they are finished with today’s change of our “jumper” lines, we’ll have the most perfect draft beer offerings in town. Their bi weekly cleanings are the most conscientiously thorough of any of the service company’s we know of. Bottled beer is fine too but fresh draft beer poured from a state of the art system that is well maintained is a special pleasure.

Michael Roper, Owner Hopleaf (Various quotes and mentions from Michael in social media)

“Drew Larson is a pro.  He’ll help you dial in the system and is very responsive.  Drew is a Somm, Certified Cicerone®, draft specialist and beverage consultant with a wide range of skills including experience in hospitality and piloting military aircraft. He’s kind of a bad ass and understands good service.”  
Adam Schulte, US Brand Manager for Tripel Karmeliet/Kwak/La Trappe at Artisanal Imports

“Drew Larson and the team at Leaders Beverage have become a valuable partner in the training and education of our sales team. Drew has the perfect combination of passion, knowledge and the ability to share it with others. As Windy City Distributing continues to develop our sales team, Drew has played an integral role in our goal of having the most knowledgeable and well trained staff in the business. Drew has an insatiable thirst for knowledge in the Beverage Industry from an ever broadening perspective. Not only is he a reliable resource for training and education, but his ability to design and maintain draft systems is as meticulous and passionate as his thirst for knowledge. I would recommend Leaders Beverage, and Drew Larson for a wide variety of support in the Craft Beer and Beverage Industry community.”
– Wesley Phillips, Director of Business Development at Windy City Distributing

Leaders Beverage is amazing at what they do- extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Drew goes above and beyond. His communication is excellent and prompt. He will document his work and keep me updated throughout with videos and photos that he would text me. Awesome touch! Leaders Beverage is an integral part of what we do, and we are beyond happy that they are on our team. -Pan Hompluem, Managing Partner Blokes & Birds

“Leaders beverage is the best company I have used for consulting and getting product information. I work for a local beer distributor and needed some draft parts and information. Drew, who I spoke with, knew exactly what equipment I needed for my install. He was very professional and knew what he was talking about. He was able to get me the parts I needed within 1 day. He even even gave me a follow up call to make sure the parts were correct and if I needed anything else to let him know. Very professional and a great company to work with.”
-Life Thomas, Sales Rep with Glunz Beer

“Drew Larson and his team at Leaders Beverage put on top-notch events for experienced beer professionals looking to further expand and deepen their knowledge. I like the practical, hands on approach and custom, well-tailored agenda that they developed for both the beer faults seminar and hop farm tour. I highly recommend them for those serious about learning the intricacies of beer.”
– Jerald O’Kennard, Director, Beverage Testing Institute

Red Frog Thank You“Jordan & Drew, As the American Beer Classic season ends for the year, I wanted to thank you both & your team for the countless hours you have spent helping us – from draft equipment, to answering our questions about various set up logistics! We are thrilled to call you a part of our team & look so forward to continuing into the fall with other events & into 2015 when we start it all over again! A sincere thank you.”
– Amanda Hogue, Specialist of Spirit, Red Frog Events

In our goal to support and promote education and a raising of industry standards we proudly support the Cicerone Certification Program®, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual. We are not affiliated with any of these programs.